Wuxi Zemu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Solar Power Kit For Camera

● Easy installation 

● Pre-heating function 

● Smart BMS 

● Support parallel expansion

Energy Storage System

● Shaving peaks and filling valleys

● High security

● Long lifetime

● Easy maintenance

Solar Power System

●Off grid system

●Hybrid system

●On grid system

Solar Panel

●Excellent Low-light Performance

●100% Inspection Guarantee Reliability

●High Density Packaging

RV Battery

●6000+ cycle life

●Auto-balancing Function

●Bluetooth connection and APP monitoring

Gel Battery

●Easy to use

●Extensive application scenarios

●Deep cycle life

Why Choose Us?

Zemu is committed to making full use of green and clean energy with excellent products and services, helping people achieve zero power consumption, zero emissions, and zero pollution.

●Support customer customization, short production cycle

●Professional service and technical support team

●Competitive factory price